Thursday, July 19, 2012

Manufacture - Inspection


Fig. 22-15 Advanced integrated manufacturing system (A.I.M.S.).

47. During the process of manufacture, component parts need to be inspected to ensure defect free engines are produced. Using automated machinery and automated inspection, dimensional accuracy is maintained by using multi-directional applied probes that record sizes and position of features.
The C.N.C. inspection machine can inspect families of components at pre-determined allotted intervals without further operator intervention. In the chip machining (i.e., turning, boring, milling etc.) and metal forming processes C.N.C. machine tools enable consistency of manufacture which can be sta- tistically inspected i.e., one in ten. Component integrity is achieved by use of ultrasonic, radiologi- cal, magnetic particle and penetrant inspection techniques, as well as electrolytic and acid etching to ensure all material properties are maintained to both laboratory and quality acceptance standards.


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