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Advances in Chemical Propulsion - Science to Technology 2013 Book Download

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Saturday, May 11, 2013

FIRST PHOTOS: The Nirbhay Launch 2013

Nirbhay Success 2013

The Nirbhay cruise missile's launch, booster separation and wing deployment were the only successful aspects in what has been a disappointing day for the DRDO. The missile flew to an altitude of 4.5-km and was 17-minutes out when it began to deviate from its predicted flight path, compelling the programme team

First Images Of Nirbhay Cruise Missile 2013

These are the first ever images of India's Nirbhay subsonic cruise missile that was tested for the first time today.Broadcast on Indian TV station NDTV by its science editor Pallav Bagla, we finally know why the programme team calls it the Indian Tomahawk (though it has more Klub-like sensibilities).

Indian Cruise Missile Nirbhay Debut Test Pictures 2013

The Nirbhay probably doesn't look like this. Only an impression.

Speculating on a debut missile launch by DRDO is always a long-drawn gamble, but this could be it for the agency's Tomahawk-like long range cruise missileNirbhayWith a launch window that opened yesterday off the country's east coast test range, the missile is expected to be test-fired for the first time tomorrow morning.

Friday, May 10, 2013

India's Eastern Command Military Tattoo Pictures 2013


The Indian Army's Eastern Command Military Tattoo & Army Equipment Display was held in Kolkata from Feb 2-3. Apart from the usual "Know Your Army" exhibition, the highlight of the event was a sky-diving event followed by mock-hostage rescue drill performed by the para commandos of the 21 Parachute

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Indian Air Force ; Negotiations For Rafale On Track

Responding to a report The Pioneer today that it had lined up a purchase of additional Su-30MKIs in the event that negotiations for 126 Rafales failed to result in a contract, the Indian Air Force has issued a statement to say:

"Apropos a report in a certain section of the media  indicating IAF  will opt for Sukhoi-30 if Rafale

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Indian Army For New SR-UAVs 2013

The latest in the Indian Army's slew of requirements is this one for an unspecified number of short range unmanned aerial vehicles (SR-UAV). The Army currently operates a small fleet of IAI Searcher Mk.2 tactical UAVs and has been looking to augment that capability for a while now. A first lot of indigenously developed Nishant UAVs, in a final trial run, are expected to enter service with the Army this year.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

LCA Mk.2 Air Intake Wind-Tunnel Model First Look

Found this interesting picture from NAL that shows a 1:7 wind tunnel model of the LCA Tejas Mk.2 redesigned air-intake for the F414-GE-INS6 turbofan. No real change, is there?

Indian Navy Fleet Tankers 2013

The Indian Navy has announced interest in acquiring five new fleet support ships under the 'global buy'' category. The Navy has stipulated it requires ships with displacement of 40,000 tons in fully loaded condition, 200-metres long and a maximum beam of 25-metres. The Navy also requires its new ships to be capable of speeds "not less than 20 knots of maximum continuous speed, at ambient temperatures upto 40 deg C, in the fully laden condition upto Sea State 3 and while less than six months out of dock". With a projected complement of 190 sailors and 24 officers, the ship will need to handle one multi-role helicopter. Full requirements here.

Adour MK 821 a natural progression for the IAF Jaguar

Earlier this month, Rolls Royce Turbomeca installed and demonstrated the performance of the Adour MK 821 turbofan engine on a Royal Air Force Jaguar at the RAF Station, DCAE Cosford. This was a ground-test. The Air Attache of the Indian High Commission in London was invited to witness the demonstration. Rolls Royce is pitching the MK 821 as a natural evoluation from the MK 811 that currently powers the IAF Jaguar. The company is also pitching from the angle that the new engine has a high degree of commonality with the Adour MK 871 which powers the Hawk trainer now in use with the IAF.

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