Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Indian Navy Fleet Tankers 2013

The Indian Navy has announced interest in acquiring five new fleet support ships under the 'global buy'' category. The Navy has stipulated it requires ships with displacement of 40,000 tons in fully loaded condition, 200-metres long and a maximum beam of 25-metres. The Navy also requires its new ships to be capable of speeds "not less than 20 knots of maximum continuous speed, at ambient temperatures upto 40 deg C, in the fully laden condition upto Sea State 3 and while less than six months out of dock". With a projected complement of 190 sailors and 24 officers, the ship will need to handle one multi-role helicopter. Full requirements here.

The Indian Navy last commissioned two Fincantieri-built tankers INS Deepak and INS Shakti into its fleet.

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