Thursday, January 12, 2012

An internal gearbox,Direct drive

Fig. 7-3 An internal gearbox.

Direct drive
11. In some early engines, a radial driveshaft was used to drive each, or in some instances a pair, of
accessory units. Although this allowed each accessory unit to be located in any desirable location
around the engine and decreased the power transmitted through individual gears, it necessitated
a large internal gearbox. Additionally, numerous radial driveshafts had to be incorporated within the
design. This led to an excessive amount of time required for disassembly and assembly of the engine
for maintenance purposes.

12. In some instances the direct drive method may be used in conjunction with the external gearbox
system when it is impractical to take a drive from a particular area of the engine to the external gearbox.
For example, fig. 7-1 shows a turbo-propeller engine which requires accessories specific to the propeller
reduction drive, but has the external gearbox located away from this area to receive the drive from the
compressor shaft.

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