Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A low pressure fuel-cooled oil cooler,A magnetic chip detector.

Fig. 8-7  A low pressure fuel-cooled oil cooler.

Fig. 8-8 A magnetic chip detector.
25. The air-cooled oil cooler is similar to the fuel-cooled type in both construction and operation; the
main difference is that air is used as the cooling medium.

26. Magnetic plugs, or chip detectors (fig. 8-8), are fitted on the scavenge (return) side to collect ferritic debris from each bearing chamber. They are basically permanent magnets inserted in the oil flow
and are retained in self-sealing valve housings. Safety features incorporated in the design ensure
correct retention within the housing. Upon examination they can provide a warning of
impending failure without having to remove and inspect the filters. They are designed to be removed
during maintenance inspection, for condition, monitoring purposes (Part 24), without oil loss
occurring. Additionally they may be connected to a cockpit warning system to give an in-flight indication.

Fig. 8-9 A squeeze film bearing.

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