Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thrust reversal - Bucket target system

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Thrust reversal - Clamshell door system

Bucket target system
12. The  bucket  target  system  is  hydraulically actuated and uses bucket-type doors to reverse the hot  gas  stream.  The  thrust  reverser  doors  are actuated  by  means  of  a  conventional  pushrod system.  A single  hydraulic  powered  actuator  is connected  to  a  drive  idler,  actuating  the  doors through a pair of pushrods (one for each door). 13. The reverser doors are kept in synchronization through the drive idler. The hydraulic actuator incor- porates a mechanical lock in the stowed (actuator extended) position.
14. In the forward thrust mode (stowed) the thrust reverser doors form the convergent-divergent final nozzle for the engine.

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