Monday, March 19, 2012

Vertical/short take-off and landing - METHODS OF PROVIDING POWERED LIFT

6. Although the Pegasus engine is the only V/STOL engine in operational service in the Western World there are several possible methods of providing powered lift, such as;

Fig. 18-3 V/STOL fighter aircraft.

(1) Deflecting (or vectoring) the exhaust gases and hence the thrust of the engine.
(2)  Using specially designed engines for lift only.
(3)  Driving a lift system, which is remote from the engine, either from the engine or by a separate power unit.
(4)  Swivelling the engines.
(5)  For STOL aircraft, using bleed air from the engines to increase circulation around the wing and hence increase lift.  In  several  of  the  projected  V/STOL aircraft  a combination of two or more of these methods has been used.

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