Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Introduction Thrust distribution

Distribution of the thrust forces 
Method of calculating thrust forces 
Calculating the thrust the engine 

  1. Compressor casing
  2. Diffuser duct
  3. Combustion chambers
  4. Turbine assembly
  5. Exhaust unit and jet pipe
  6. Propelling nozzle
  7. Engine
  8. Inclined combustion cham


1. Although the principles of jet propulsion (see Part 1) will be familiar to the reader, the distribution of the thrust forces within the engine may appear somewhat obscure- These forces are in effect gas loads resulting from the pressure and momentum changes of the gas stream reacting on the engine structure and on the rotating components. They are in some locations forward propelling forces and in others opposing or rearward forces. The amount that the sum of the forward forces exceeds the sum of the rearward forces is normally known as the rated thrust of the engine.

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