Monday, May 7, 2012


17. The corrugated or lobe-type noise suppressor forms the exhaust propelling nozzle and is usually a separate assembly bolted to the jet pipe. Provision is usually made to adjust the nozzle area so that it can be accurately calibrated. Guide vanes are fitted to the lobe-type suppressor to prevent excessive losses by guiding the exhaust gas smoothly through the lobes to atmosphere. The suppressor is a fabricated welded structure and is manufactured from heat- resistant alloys.
18. Various noise absorbing lining materials are used on jet engines. They fall mainly within two categories, lightweight composite materials that are used in the lower temperature regions and fibrous- metallic materials that are used in the higher temperature regions. The noise absorbing material consists of a perforate metal or composite facing skin, supported by a honeycomb structure on a solid backing skin which is bonded to the parent metal of the duct or casing. For details of manufacture of these materials refer to Part 22.

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