Thursday, February 23, 2012

Starting and ignition - Cartridge

want to read about Starting and ignition - Electric


Fig. 11-3 A low voltage electrical starting system.

7. Cartridge starting is sometimes used on military engines and provides a quick independent method of starting.
 The  starter  motor  is  basically  a  small impulse-type turbine that is driven by high velocity gases from a burning cartridge. The power output of the turbine is passed through a reduction gear and an automatic disconnect mechanism to rotate the engine.  An electrically fired detonator initiates the burning of the cartridge charge. As a cordite charge provides the power supply for this type of starter, the size of the charge required may well limit the use of  the  cartridge  starters.  A triple-breech  starter  isillustrated in fig. 11-4.

Fig. 11-4 A triple-breech cartridge starter.

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