Thursday, February 23, 2012

Starting and ignition - Electric

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Fig. 11-2 An electric starter

5. The electric starter is usually a direct current (D.C.) electric motor coupled to the engine through a reduction gear and ratchet mechanism, or clutch, which automatically disengages after the engine has reached a self-sustaining speed (fig. 11-2).
6. The electrical supply may be of a high or low voltage and is passed through a system of relays and resistances to allow the full voltage to be progres- sively built up as the starter gains speed. It also provides the power for the operation of the ignition system.  The  electrical  supply  is  automatically cancelled when the starter load is reduced after the engine has satisfactorily started or when the time cycle  is  completed.  A typical  electrical  starting system is shown in fig. 11-3.

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