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Controls and instrumentation - Engine torque

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Engine torque
Fig. 12-4 A simple torquemeter system.
18. Engine torque is used to indicate the power that is developed by a turbo-propeller engine, and the indicator is known as a torquemeter.  The engine torque or turning moment is proportional to the horse-power and is transmitted through the propeller reduction gear.

19. A torquemeter system is shown in fig. 12-4. In this system, the axial thrust produced by the helical gears is opposed by oil pressure acting on a number of pistons; the pressure required to resist the axial thrust is transmitted to the indicator.

20. In addition to providing an indication of engine power; the torquemeter system may also be used to automatically  operate  the  propeller  feathering system if the torquemeter oil pressure falls due to a power failure. It is also used, on some installations, to assist in the automatic operation of the water injection system to restore or boost the take-off power at high ambient temperatures or at high altitude airports (Part 17).

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