Sunday, July 28, 2013

How to control Flying Radio Control I.C. Powered Model Aircraft ? Introduction Part 1

Part 1 Introduction 

 Welcome to the world of Radio Control Model Flight.  So what got you interested in this fascinating but almost masochistic hobby!?  A hobby where, if you take the wrong approach, you will almost certainly enter and leave (in fairly rapid succession) a disillusioned and much poorer individual.

You’ve probably encountered some model fliers enjoying themselves at the club field wringing all sorts of manoeuvers out of their models.  You’ve watched in awe as these miniature flying machines defy all the rules of gravity and appear to be capable of doing things even full size aircraft can’t do.  You’re thinking to yourself “Oh to be able to do what these guys can do”.  Well strange as it may seem, YOU CAN!

What you must appreciate is that these wizards of model flight have probably been flying planes like these for several years and at one time were standing just like you wondering at the skills of some other fliers.   Flying these aircraft is not impossible for you; it just takes time, practice, patience and money to get where these guys are.

The actual amount of time, practice, patience and money will all depend on your aptitude, willingness to listen and learn and the acceptance that it will cost you.  This is not a cheap hobby although it can be relatively inexpensive compared to some hobbies we humans follow.

If you want to learn to fly a radio control fixed wing model aircraft and you are prepared to TAKE ADVICE, then this book will help you succeed with the minimum of pain and disappointment.
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