Sunday, July 14, 2013

Human Posture Analysis - Displaying and Editing Angular Limitations

Displaying and Editing Angular Limitations
This procedure describes how to display the values of the angular limitations for the DOF (degrees of freedom) that is currently active. It also describes how to set angular limitations as a percentage.
1. Select the Edit Angular Limitations icon   and then select a segment. 
The limits arrows are displayed. These arrows are set by default at the mean values of movement limits. The colored region represents the total range of motion for that DOF. 

●     The green arrow shows the upper limit.
●     The yellow arrow shows the lower limit.
●     The blue arrow is used to change the position of the active segment.
Selecting another segment while the command is running opens the angular limitations for the new segment and closes them for the previous one.

2. When you double-click the limits arrows, the Angular Limitations dialog box appears (see below). 
Using this dialog box, you can unlock the angular limits and modify the values directly with the sliders, the spinners, or by using the left mouse button to manipulate the spinner arrows.
●     Select the Reset button to return to the default values.
●     Select the Close button to exit the dialog box.
3. Select the Edit Angular Limitations icon  to close the command and  hide the angular limits arrows.
Setting angular limitations as a percentage
With this command, you can change the angular limitations of one or many degrees of freedom at once according to the percentage you choose.  This percentage value represents the desired portion of population that must be able to reach the limit. At manikin creation, all angular limitations are set to limits that 50% of the population can reach. Using the Set Angular Limitations as a Percentage command, you may want to restrict (i.e., accommodate a narrower percentage of population) or widen (i.e., accommodate a larger percentage of population) these limits for a specific requirement of the population study.
1. Select a segment of the manikin. Hold down the Ctrl key on the keyboard to select more than one segment.
2. Select the Set Angular Limitations as a Percentage icon.  The following dialog box is displayed: 
A read-only text field show the currently selected segments (or lines of sight) and their current degree of freedom.
3. Choose a percentile between 0 and 100 with the spinner. 
4. Click on OK to confirm the modification of press Cancel to cancel the action.  By clicking OK, both limits (min and max) of all degrees of freedom selected will take the specified percentage. The modification cannot be done if the selected degree of freedom is locked with a value that would be outside the new limits. In this case, the following dialog box is displayed: 

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