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Human Posture Analysis - Getting Started

Getting Started
This tutorial provides an overview of Human Posture Analysis functionalities. It provides a step-by-step scenario showing you how to use key functions.  
The task described in this section is:
Creating a Manikin

Creating a Manikin

User Tasks

These are the tasks that a user performs using Human Posture Analysis:
Using the Posture Editor Selecting or Editing the DOF (Degree of Freedom)
Displaying and Editing Angular Limitations Angular Limitations Undo/Redo
Direct Kinematics Selecting Manikin Display Attributes
Locking and Unlocking DOFs Editing Preferred Angles
Preferred Angles: Reset, Mirror Copy, and Swap Functionality Using the Postural Score
Adapting Range of Motion to Keep Best Posture 

Using the Posture Editor
This task describes the functions of the Posture Editor and how to use them to move manikin segments.
The Posture Editor is a tool used to move manikin segments in forward kinematics. The segments or degrees of freedom (DOF) are moved one step at a time. This tool allows you to give a precise value to each degree of freedom of every joint.  
The manikin's structure consists of 68 articulated joints with 6 coupled joints (range of motion can depend on the position of a neighbor joint).
Select the Posture Editor icon.  The Posture Editor dialog box is displayed on the screen when the manikin is selected.
The Posture Editor dialog box includes the following sections:
●     Segments
●     Hand filter
●     Side
●     Degree of Freedom
●     Value
●     Display
●     Predefined Postures
The Degrees of Freedom can be modified either through the Value section or through their graphical representations.
Displayed below the manikin name is a list of human body segments corresponding to the selection made in the Part menu. Click on the name of the segment in the list to select it.

Note: Individual vertebrae are no longer listed in the Segments field or in the PPR tree. For ease of selection they are now grouped into two sections: Lumbar or Thoracic. Full Spine may also be selected as a unit made up of both Lumbar and Thoracic sections.

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