Sunday, July 14, 2013

Human Posture Analysis - Selecting Manikin Display Attributes

Selecting Manikin Display Attributes
This procedure describes how to set and edit manikin display attributes.
In the Utilities toolbar, select the Display Attributes command icon . The Display Attributes dialog box appears with the following 

●     Segments
●     Ellipses
●     Surfaces
●     Resolution
●     Line of sight
●     Peripheral cone
●     Central cone
●     Cone type

●     Center of gravity
●     To change the manikin display, select the appropriate toggle button.
●     Various display types can be selected at the same time
Resolution represents the number of points taken on each ellipse to draw the surfaces at manikin creation. The default value of this parameter is 32 but it can vary from 4 to 128.

Line of sight
The line of sight is designed to facilitate the manipulation of the manikin's field of vision. It can be selected as any other segment of the manikin.

Center of gravity
The center of gravity cannot be manipulated. However, the center of gravity's position automatically updates when any segment is manipulated.

Locking and Unlocking Degrees of Freedom (DOF)
This tasks describes how to lock and unlock individual manikin degrees of freedom. Locking a degree of freedom means that the corresponding segment will not move by this DOF, either in forward kinematics or in inverse kinematics.
The Lock/Unlock command will lock/unlock the current active DOF on the selected segments. The current active degree of freedom is indicated by the DOF icon.
It is possible to lock/unlock the entire manikin for one particular degree of freedom if the Body node is selected in the specification tree when activating the lock/unlock command.
For more information on locking and unlocking degrees of freedom, read the following sections:
●     Locking DOFs
●     Unlocking DOFs
A manikin must be created or imported to complete the following procedures.

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